An Array of Services to Accelerate your Organization into the Future

Most of our engagements start with this. A shock & awe workshop balanced with agitation and provocation designed to inspire action and raise leaders out of the trenches. We explore patterns of disruption; why most organizations miss it; the deceptive curve of disappointment.

We also spend a chunk of time exploring how to respond to the ever increasing pace of change, and importantly, what not to do.

We tailor the key messages for boards, executives or wider leadership groups.

A combination of all of our services to help support your acceleration into the Future, where we will engage our wide network of Thought Leaders and Subject Matter Experts to drive your Organization's Transformation.  

Sometimes you have someone already accountable for transformation but need to amplify their efforts with on-demand executive-level expertise. That is what this service is for.

It can be a lifesaver to have an un-biased person that has been down these tricky paths to rely on. We offer our insight, frameworks and approaches. When you need it we will also get our hands dirty; our only agenda is your success.

We’ve blended more traditional approaches to strategy from the big consulting firms with ExO approaches into a unique paper-light and momentum-heavy playbook.

Almost entirely workshop-based, we start with purpose as the north star to explore ‘where to play’ using market attractiveness and competitive advantage to prioritize markets. Next in ‘how to play’ we hypothesize about what it will take to win in the future and therefore the capabilities to be built now.

Finally, we define ‘what to do’ in a simple portfolio of initiatives/OKRs with a single point of accountability and clear metrics.

70% of transformation efforts fail each year - this is nearly $1Tn wasted every year!

Our approach to transformation is in coordination with OpenExo and was developed to address this failure rate. It deals with the corporate immune system, has an explicit growth ambition, and expects the rate of change in the environment to be dynamic.

Most importantly, this is an internally driven process powered by small autonomous cross-functional teams of people from right through the organization. We act as coaches and guides, not consultants.

We have created and deployed corporate venture capital funds and brokered countless other partnerships with early-stage companies.

We deeply understand how to navigate the inherent tensions between new ventures and corporates.

Our approach was developed to specifically enable startup agility and space for learning/failure while also creating discipline, transparency and structure required by corporate parents.

Fully Customized and Executed for


C-Level Executives

Transformation Teams

If you’re not disrupting yourself, someone else will

Reinvent Innovation

Invigorate legacy strategies by aligning them with new innovation initiatives.

Adopt the Unfamiliar

Reprogram organizational behaviors by overriding the "corporate immune system."

Ahead Of "The Curve"

Realize disruptive initiatives across your core business and new emerging markets.

Shift Your Mindset

Learn to see opportunities in moments of uncertainty and start thinking about the future like a futurist

Step Into The Future

Grasp the power of exponential technologies and their implications on your business, community and the planet

Why, Why Now?

Each of our projects is different, but they have one thing in common:

A need for decisive, informed, and often urgent action in the face of disruptive threats or 10x opportunity.

Lead through Disruption

  • We bridge the present to the Future

Xponential will work with you to identify key outcomes and develop a customized program built upon proven frameworks for strategy, leadership and innovation.

  • Change is happening, and happening faster than you think

The democratization of technology means that disruption is both a threat and an opportunity for every business. To get and stay ahead, organizations are challenged to build leadership teams who not only embrace constant change, but thrive in its midst.

  • We have a consultative and collaborative approach to leadership development

This approach delivers a clear path forward with transformational outcomes that help you see possible, probable and preferred futures.

Rethink What's Possible

  • Leadership Development

Empower yourself and your organization to anticipate, embrace and capitalize on exponential technologies and trends.

  • Mindset Shift

Champion a culture of transformation, and track culture and behavior change within your organization.

  • Transformation Strategy and Innovation

Learn to think like a futurist, scale exponential thinking throughout your organization and build strategies to support your future vision. 

An intensive & deep data driven survey & diagnostic health check.

The Corporate X-Ray identifies the current status of your company and its potential to become an exponential organization. 

The data analysis will be aggregated to one single position for your company.

This point identifies current position for your organization.

The highlighted space indicates the room for improvement. (Critical for every

We will then build future strategy based on this outcome by identifying specific areas.

Diversity and Inclusion Assessment

Predixa uses advanced AI-based diagnostics combined with their decades of advisory experience, to help leaders make the right prioritized business decisions, enabling real results to be achieved quickly and effectively.

Exponential Quotient (ExQ) Assessment

The ExQ (Exponential Quotient) is a diagnostic survey initially described in Exponential Organizations and then improved through our community. It measures the flexibility and adaptability of an organization as measured by their use of an MTP and the SCALE and IDEAS attributes.