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Executive Coaching & Corporate Workshops

Become an effective leader who can inspire and motivate others to strive for excellence and achieve ambitious results


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Future Readiness Program

A program uniquely designed to help you to understand exponential dynamics

Why, Why Now?

We help you in lifting organizational barriers to change, where typical responses include

Learning from the Future

  • We bridge the present to the Future

Xponential will work with you to identify key outcomes and develop a customized program built upon proven frameworks for strategy, leadership and innovation.

  • Change is happening and happening faster than you think

The democratization of technology means that disruption is both a threat and an opportunity for every business. To get and stay ahead, organizations are challenged to build leadership teams who not only embrace constant change, but thrive in its midst.

  • We have a consultative and collaborative approach to leadership development

This approach delivers a clear path forward with transformational outcomes that help you see possible, probable and preferred futures.

Executive Coaching and Corporate Workshops

Did you know that 75% of the companies currently quoted on the S&P 500 will disappear and 50% of the companies that will replace them haven't been born yet?

  • The rate of change in the marketplace today is unprecedented and exponential.

  • The big business dilemma is how to make their companies sustainable & thrive.

Today’s Boardrooms and Executives need to look into the future through a telescope”and yet make key business decisions by looking at their organization through a microscope.

We are entering a new industrial revolution today. 10x MOONSHOT THINKING is a unique learning experience which deals with exactly this – getting you ready for the future


  • We will help you focus on the things that will help unlock your business potential

  • We’ll help facilitate and train your executive teams become more valuable in the system by bringing out imagination, creativity & innovation within the company.

  • We’ll show you how to tap into parts of the brain which computers cannot do, through tools like mind mapping, radiant thinking, and creativity catalysts.

  • Actionable game plan and specific takeaways

Why Us?

Strong Network, Resources and Ecosystem

Practical and Relatable Insights

Fully Customized for your Organization


Mindset Shift, Growth and Scale for your Company!

  • Everything has changed for everybody. Absolutely everything!
  • Existential threat for some and severe disruption and loss for others. Huge opportunity for most.

Past Strategies and Methodologies continued in the coming year will lead to almost certain failure.

Invite our CEO, Tariq Qureishy to empower & enable you to thrive in your industry! He has worked in top leadership roles for over 20 years in: 

  • Dow Jones Markets (Regional Director Europe/MEA), 1987-1999. (Finally heading a $1b +business, innovating platform, launching regionally and globally)
  • The Times and Sunday Times (CEO/Publisher Middle East Africa), 2007-2009. (Launch to profitability in 2 years)
  • Bloomberg Media (Regional Lead/Advisor -MEA), 2010-2015. (Launched Bloomberg TV in MEA & commercial expansion)
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A profound understanding and knowledge of an Exponential Future


Gain and utilize knowledge of new paradigm shifts, eco-system based strategies and in related Industries


Learn about Future Leadership Traits and New Hiring Practies for Institutions


Frameworks for 80:20 Organizations to create abundance

Future Readiness Program

A self-paced highly interactive, modular and visual learning journey (Certified)

  • Top FacultyAn Executive program Future-focused for organizations led by top global diverse faculty.

  • Self-Paced LearningIt provides foundation to advance learning with peer group, iteration, context & practical.

  • Content & CurriculumIt provides context & learning that you don’t encounter at business schools or normal work environments.

Fully Customized to your organization’s needs with additional modules relevant to your industry

  • Bite-sized knowledge for improved learning outcomes
    Micro-learning focused on knowledge retention and actionable insights.
  • Applied learning
    Program grounded in practical assignments to enhance immediate application of learning.
  • Built-in collaboration tools for maximum interaction
    Highly detailed resources, tools and frameworks throughout the program
  • Easy-to-use MS technology
    Combining introductions to key concepts tools and assessment exercises in a highly interactive experience.
  • Dynamic & Interactive Sessions
    Unprecedented learning experience with world-class instruction and peer interaction enabled by popular LMS technology.


  • Assess your organization’s foundational knowledge and its trajectory relative to new competition.

  • Learn how to accelerate your organization’s ability to acquire and cultivate knowledge disciplines that are critical to its future success.

  • Identify the most powerful forces that will soon shape your sector and how best to leverage them to your organization’s advantage.

  • Discover the potential of AI and smart machines for your business, your team and your own career to ensure you remain indispensable to your organization.

  • Develop a “leap” strategy for your organization or business unit and an action plan for implementation.

Rethink What's Possible

  • Leadership Development

Empower yourself and your organization to anticipate, embrace and capitalize on exponential technologies and trends.

  • Mindset Shift

Champion a culture of transformation, and track culture and behavior change within your organization.

  • Transformation Strategy and Innovation

Learn to think like a futurist, scale exponential thinking throughout your organization and build strategies to support your future vision.